About Us

We have thrived during the boom and bust of the past seven years by delivering consistent honest reliable service. Given the variability of the oil fields we believe that crude oil trucks offer more flexibility and convenience than pipelines — winning them a permanent place in the oil fields.

While others in the industry have left voluntarily, or been invited to leave, Badlands Tank Lines continues to focus on growth by continuously seeking to make our streamline operations and work cost effectively for our clients and their customers.




In 2011, Badlands Tank Lines stepped into an operational maelstrom. Crude haulers had flocked to the new shale fields in Texas, Colorado, Wyoming, and North Dakota. 

Roger Johnson, an oil trader himself, realized his clients needed more than just trucks, they needed high quality, timely ticketing information. Roger took it upon himself to bring together a skilled information technology team to develop a state-of-the-art ticketing system to provide his customers the timely information they needed.


Roger expanded his state of the art ticketing system to provided dispatching and carrier management systems that allowed Badlands Tank Lines to manage multiple disparate contract carriers and provide a seamless and painless solution to its clients.

Roger also hired and developed a management team that took complete ownership and responsibility of managing a large contract fleet so his clients would have a single point of contact.

When it became clear that the contract model was not sustainable, Roger acquired his own fleet of trucks to deliver more dependable and consistent service.

As of August 2019, we have continued to grow with the acquisition of Twin Eagle Transport, LLC. This purchase has helped position Badlands as one of the largest crude carriers in the industries. Read the full press release here

Since 2015 we've increased the volume of product hauled on company owned trucks from 40% to over 80%



Our Mission

We will work relentlessly to create a culture of performance, honesty and integrity. And as we continue to grow, we will strive to do the right thing. For our customers and our employees. 



Our Values

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We know how important safety is to our customers, but our interest goes beyond meeting their expectations or required regulations. Safety is in our DNA.

All of our drivers are PEC Safeland certified before they ever get into a truck. Our initial driver training program includes:

  • Fall Protection

  • HAZCOM Program

  • Rollover Prevention

  • Electronic Logbook Training

  • H2S and Hydrocarbon Exposure





Since our inception in 2011, we’ve worked intently to build and maintain our reputation as an on-time, safe and dependable carrier.

Our primary focus goes beyond getting the job done right; we strive to meet the customer’s needs and interests in every possible aspect. From beginning to end.

  • Our practice is to pick up loads within 24 hours of dispatch.

  • Our predictive dispatch has trucks standing by when you need them.

  • All of our drivers receive training in API and BLM standard crude gauging and testing.

  • All of our equipment is top of the line to maintain reliable service.

  • Our fleet is more than 90% company-owned equipment.

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We know the importance of meeting the bottom line. That’s why we work to offer competitive pricing.

However, we care enough about our values to be willing to walk away from customers who demand a price that won’t allow us to maintain our standards of service and safety.

We aim to provide best-in-class service that will eliminate unforeseen costs as a result of mistakes, disorganization or poor service.






Our systems have been crafted to meet the needs of trading, scheduling, accounting and field operations.

Our state-of-the-art systems provide real-time access to the information our customers need, and we maintain our internal organization for optimal performance. With just a click of a button, our Customer Portal makes it easy to:

  • Access accounting, scheduling and operations.

  • Create custom reports with as many as 68 data fields across any time span.

  • Export reports into Excel or back-office system via FTP.